LPS Leisure (lithium Power Supply) is the sole UK distributor for the Clayton Power LPS product, for distribution into the leisure vehicle market. This market includes lithium power supply for campervans, motorhomes, racehomes, caravans and any other recreational vehicle. LPS leisure are excited to be part of the products that Clayton Power are producing, as they deliver robust and future proof products that are designed to last the test of time.

LPS Leisure has taken the LPS product and integrated it into campervan and motorhome installations, making sure that the unit functions and performs as it should do in this type of installation. Leisure vehicles have different requirements to the standard installation these LPS units are usually installed upon, so we have researched and bench tested the product with compatible products to get the most out of the setup. We now have installations that are proven to work extremely well to give a gas free motorhomes, with the addition of induction hobs, microwaves and solar technology.

Clayton Power was founded in Denmark in the late 1990s. They cater for professional and consumer markets world-wide, and their power solutions are used with great success within a wide range of industries such as the automotive, maritime, and military. At Clayton Power they develop and produce a broad range of energy products including remote-controllers, sine wave inverters, inverter/chargers, lithium ion batteries, and battery management systems.